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Don\'t pay your web designer each time you want a change made, control your website, get yourself a WebsiteLite.

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Good value for money

There are so many website deals available now, how do you know that a Website Lite is good value for money?


Website Lite takes advantage of all the latest developments in website design. You aren’t getting some ancient design, with out of date technology. Your website has been professionally designed with the latest colour palettes and the current trends in look and feel. Your company will benefit from this contemporary look and you can even update your site by changing theme at any point in the future.

Fully Updatable

Cheaper website deals often offer the customer no facility to update the content, but include a monthly maintenance charge for the designer to update the website on your behalf. This may seem attractive if you are afraid that updating your website is complicated. Our content management system (CMS) has been developed so that updating your website is no more difficult than sending an email. A Website Lite will save you the cost of maintenance fees AND you will be in control!

Hosting Service

After your first year with us you will need to pay £99 hosting annually. This charge pays for the ‘space’ your website takes up on the server. This may seem expensive when you consider that you can get very cheap hosting deals online, but you really do get what you pay for. Our server is dedicated to a small number of clients so you will not be sharing it with thousands of other websites which will inevitably lead to slower download times. Our server is monitored 24 hours a day, so that any problems are immediately addressed, meaning your site shouldn’t crash or go down, or if that does occur, it won’t be for long. We pride ourselves on giving all our clients a reliable and high quality service.

Website Lite is a Labs project from Web design Chichester - Access by Design