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If you invest your time and money in a new website, then you will want it to be found by Google and all the other Search Engines. Making your website appealing to the Search Engines is called Search Engine Optimisation and is a major consideration when shopping for a website.

Website Lite approaches Search Engine Optimisation from three angles.

Firstly, we give you customisable SEO on your Homepage.You have the facility to add a title to the Homepage (which is hopefully more inspirational than ‘Home’) and also a description. Making this title and description relevant to your business and including relevant search terms will help the Search Engine identify your business type and return it as a result. Every other page on your Website Lite will have SEO dynamically generated from the first 160 characters of text.

Secondly, you can work on getting to the top of the Search Engine rankings by updating your website as often as you can. You will have a category on your website for ongoing entries which can be news, events or maybe a blog. You can choose. Adding a new item on a regular basis will not only help your website feel fresh and current but also score serious points with the Search Engines.

Thirdly, by allowing you to add your own Google Analytics code to the bottom of every page, a Website Lite website gives you control over your Search Statistics.

In the competitive world of the internet you need SEO and we can give you the means to work your way up the rankings without paying a big price for it.

Website Lite is a Labs project from Web design Chichester - Access by Design