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Inventions from our Laboratory

Crazy Inventors

Website Lite is the first invention from our Access by Design Laboratory, and we’ve been busy developing and perfecting a whole host of other projects too – yes, we’ve donned the white coats and everything!

Inventing A Local Business Directory

May we present Chichester1 – A local business directory just for Chichester – cheaper to join than generic business directories and perfect for finding local businesses – the number 1 place to be found in Chichester. We were getting a little tired of those generic directories that dictate high costs, so we came up with a special directory fit for a special place. We love to eat local, buy local, live local – people trust local – so let’s network local and we’ll only charge you local! We’ve also developed Bognor1 just for business in Bognor and we’re working on reaching even further – watch this space.

Inventing Blind Interfacing

We’ve been perfecting our sites for blind-interfacing– Your website formatted to provide simple, clean text for screen-readers without compromising the design of anything! We developed this not long ago, when we were approached to create a bespoke website for a company selling pianos online. The challenge was that James, the owner who was to manage the site, is blind. We got to work and created a site that can be easily altered by James. Obviously, like all our sites, it is optimised for the blind viewer too. Challenge us to create the perfect website, whatever your need.

Inventing Accessible Responsive Website Design

Find out about our accessible responsive website design – Your website optimised for everybody, regardless of disability, age or screen size. An accessible website is one that can be read in a number of different formats to accommodate as many different disabilities as possible. Accessibility also covers the readability of your site on different devices and screen sizes. Websites should perform exceptionally, regardless of how they are being viewed. Our solution is known as ‘accessible responsive website design’ – this optimises your site’s content to any screen size on any device. Take a look at our website responsivewebsitedesign.co.uk for all the info you could wish for.

For anything else, contact our team and get us inventing for you.


Website Lite is a Labs project from Web design Chichester - Access by Design