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New Website for WebsiteLite

A fresh and bright WebsiteLite

We Did It!! The new website for WebsiteLite is here! What do you think? Our web designer Paul has made it clear and simple to navigate around, with colours that will perk you right up on a rainy day!

Why all the effort?

As we’re a website design company we have a penchant for designing and rebranding – and where better to start than with one of our own websites?! Now we’ve shown you how simply a site can work and how goooorgeous a website can look, we’re hoping you’ll follow our lead! We’ve not made this fabulous site for nothing – oh no no, we’ve made it so you’ll get website envy and sign up to get your business on the web and looking just as good.

A Logo Too

Yes indeed, we have a new logo too! Our fabulous Graphic Designer Polly came up with a few ravishing logos for us to choose from – and after much debate (as they were all pretty joyful), we picked the logo that was light as a feather and fresh as a daisy! If you go ahead with one of our WebsiteLite packages we can design you a logo too (and yes – you’ll also get a choice you lucky thing). We use our WebsiteLite logo on our website, our Twitter page, our business cards… See our Graphic Design page for more logo info.


Website Lite is a Labs project from Web design Chichester - Access by Design