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3. Website domain information

Your domain name will initially be username.websitelite.co.uk. If you want to use your own domain instead, that is absolutely fine. If you do not have one yet, we can do this for you (and set it up correctly) for £20 plus VAT. Otherwise, please go ahead and register one yourself.

If you have done this, or you already own a domain that you wish to use, you will need to point this domain at our server. To do this you will need to contact your current registrar and request the following:

  • If you wish to have an email account with the domain, on our server, the name servers must be changed to ns7.abd-uk.com and ns8.abd-uk.com
  • If you wish to keep your existing emails setup and just use us for the website, the DNS settings must be changed to

In either case, your domain registrar will be happy to assist you.

PLEASE NOTE - if you enter a domain that is already live in the internet, you will not be able to view the front-end of your website lite until the domain is pointing at our server. If you are in any doubt, leave this box blank and contact us directly on help@websitelite.co.uk

If you already have a domain, please enter it below, without the http://

For example: www.your-domain.co.uk
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